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Case Study TNT

Nolan engineering were approached by global distributor TNT to design and manufacture off loading ramps to facilitate various sizes of vehicles at their Lount euro hub. Prior to production, we visited a number of their sites to ensure we fully understand TNT`s requirements. Working closely with the General Manager and his team, all vehicles coming in and out of the site were checked for height to ensure all would be able to use our off loading ramps.

Once the information was gathered and checked, Nolan Engineering delivered many designs and ideas (including full pictorial and engineering drawings) and upon vigorous trials of various prototypes, we decided on the one to go into production.

Being environmentally conscious, throughout the production every effort was made to recycle as much of our waste from all materials, as we do for all of our clients.

The ramps were fabricated by our skilled and highly trained staff working on an assembly line in excess of 2 acres, workshop, sprayshop, and outdoor storage for materials. New equipment was implemented into the workshop to ensure maximum efficiency, giving 100% duty cycles on all our welders and a 0% downtime, ensuring our delivery deadline was met.

Nolan Engineering had an elected quality control officer to ensure that standards were met at every point of the contract, focusing on each and every part of the ramps being stringently checked before delivery. Upon workshop completion the ramps were delivered via an insured carrier to the Lount PDC. Once delivered the ramps were recieved by one of our expert site teams and fitted in the desired bays, culminating in TNT having a tailor made product that is crucial to their business.

TNT project